here enclosed some excerpts of my compositions


"AdVerb" (excerpt)

for solo cello and electronics 2001/2002

Premiere: Radio France 15th of June 2002,

Soloist: Eva Böcker (Ensemble Modern)


"Die Malerin" (excerpt)

(2009/2010) for 6 female singers, string trio (vl, viola, cello) and wind trio trio (clarinet, horn and bassoon).

Premiered by the Ensemble Klangforum Heidelberg (February 2012). CD Production 2013/2014 coproduction ZKM/Klangforum Heidelberg/ Sammlung Prinzhorn.


"L'astre-échevelé" (excerpt)

for solo soprano saxophone and electronics (2008-2009).

Commissioned by Ircam and Centre Georges Pompidou,

Premiere in Ircam 6th of November 2009 by Marcus Weiß (saxophone) and Robin Meier (electronics).

Excerpt performed by Vincent David (live concert Radio France /Grm Paris )


"L'Horizon et la Verticale" (excerpt) 

(2012 for 2 Harps solo and Orchestra.

 Commissioned by the Radio Stuttgart.

Premiere on the 24th of November 2012 in Stuttgart (festival Atacca) by Frédérique Cambreling et Marianne Le Mentec, harps and the Radio Orchestra Stuttgart conducted by Huber Rupert.


"Les danses du temps" (excerpt)

for Flute, Clarinet, Harp, Viola and Cello.

Commissioned by the Ensemble Intercontemporain,

Premiere on the 9th of October 2005 at the Centre Georges Pompidou by the Ensemble Intercontemporain’s soloists.


"Les navigateurs immobiles, le retour" (excerpt)

(2017) for 12 Celli. Premiere on the 12th of July 2017 at the Cluny festival by the Nomos Ensemble.


"Zwischen" (extrait)

for 2 bells contrabass trombone.

Commissioned by l’Ensemble Intercontemporain : Paris,12th of June 1997, Centre Georges Pompidou