I tried all along my musical career to approach music on different angles and trough my musical experiences as a tuba player, a composer, a teacher , a conductor to try to feel the unity of the deep soul of the music itself.   



- from the 31st of October until the 5th of November 2022 :  President of the international tuba competition in Porcia (Italy)


"Mnémosyne" — Multimedia event
Premiere: April 2023  in Perpignan (France). Gérard Buquet: composition (commissioned by DRAC Occitanie); Anja Michaela: sculptures; Thomas Penanguer: video conception; Production: Labo Flashback (direction Alexander Vert) with Clément Saunier : 2 bells trumpet , Fanny Vicens et Jean Etienne Sotty : prototypes accordions with 1/4 tone system .